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ADT Pulse Update for Android App

June 16, 2013 1 comment

Earlier this week ADT updated their application for the android based smart phone.  You can download the update by the usual method on your smart phone.  This Link will also take you to that update.

What’s new?  They enhanced the thermostat graph for heating and cooling activity.  Video issues associated with sprint/android phones were resolved.  Not much was done.

Stay safe.

ADT Pulse Capabilities

May 26, 2013 5 comments

I came across this link the other day while looking for the latest information on the Pulse system.  The site is called “”   I was amused at what the writer of the blog claimed the Pulse system would not do.  I have run into this type of mis-information before.  Most seem to read the technical specs and assume if what they are looking for is not listed, the system is unable to perform the task.  To be fair, the website advises they make every effort to provide accurate information but do not guarantee the information provided is correct.

The review claims the system does not include glass breaks, recessed door sensors or garage door sensors.  While it is technically TRUE that these options are not included in the package the system CAN support these types of sensors.  I have a garage tilt and recessed door sensor (hard wired).  I do not want glass breaks due to my belief they generate false alarms.

The review rightly claims PULSE does not provide cameras that pan or tilt.  The writer WRONGLY claims Pulse does not offer outdoor cameras.  I have two of them.  Both came with the original install and are hard wired.  I believe Pulse also offers a wireless outdoor camera.

The review’s information on other areas of the pulse system seems good.  They advise the system does not offer monitoring of carbon monoxide and flood detection as standard.  I have worked around those issues by adding a carbon monoxide detector and flood monitors to the system.  They work within the Pulse environment just fine.  The problem is since I added the modules myself, ADT will not respond to those alarms.  Given the automations and alerts I have set up in response to those two events, I am covered.

If you are considering the pulse system make sure you do a ton of research on what it can and can’t do.  Good luck and stay safe.

Recent Stability of ADT Pulse

March 18, 2012 5 comments

Over the last few weeks the ADT Pulse system’s internet connection has been very stable.  Connection issues usually show themselves with video errors.  As stated in earlier posts, certain events trigger video recording.  The recording occurs but for some reason a video error message is sent stating the video recording did not take place.  This has been explained to me by IControl techs as the system detecting a brief connection interruption.  When this interruption is detected the system will record the event as not taking place and sometimes take multiple videos in an attempt to fulfill the request.

These connection issues could be on the user/internet provider side of the service.  I have no way of telling where the fault lies unless obvious events occur, such as a power outage.  Within the last week I have had one such failure.



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