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Door Bell Ditch….

March 16, 2013 Leave a comment

ADT Pulse Adds Features

March 2, 2013 1 comment

One of the criticism’s of the ADT Pulse system was a lack of “Scenes.”  Other automation systems provide the user with the ability to set up automations as a group.  Rather then making a series of individual automations a user can select a “scene” or “mode” that triggers a list of user defined automations.

adt upgrades


ADT has sent an email to Pulse users.  See below:

Dear Valued ADT Customer,
In the next few weeks, we’ll be adding several new interactive features to selected ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions packages – features that take ADT Pulse® simplicity and automation to a new level:

Modes: At the touch of a button, ADT Pulse “Vacation Mode” can lock the doors, turn off the lights and adjust the temperature. Or, arm the system and set your lights to turn off in 30 seconds when you select “Sleep Mode.” You can customize a total of eight different modes to tailor your environment to suit your lifestyle.

New – Home View now available for Android™ mobile devices: Previously available to IOS users, Android device users can quickly create a unique floor plan that indicates the placement of the devices connected to the ADT Pulse system in your home or business.

Home View “Zoom In”: Zoom in or out with simple gestures like pinching or double-tapping to easily view the details of the ADT Pulse devices in your home or business.

Auto-Delay Settings: Control the sequence and timing of your automations. For example, when you enter the front door, multiple automations can be set to turn on all lights immediately, lock the door after 10 seconds, then adjust the temperature after 30 seconds.

A web page with a video is available here.

From the looks of it you will know when you have the upgrade based on the addition of a added button by your alarm indicator on the portal.  Stay tuned.

Outdoor Motion Sensor With ADT Pulse

February 16, 2013 9 comments

ADT Pulse requires an “event” to trigger a recording.  Some of the cameras compatible with the system can record detected motion to a DVR.  These cameras will not record to the ADT Pulse system with the same detected motion stimulus.  With the Pulse system the user has to base recordings on a triggering event.

An example of a trigger could be a door opening, light coming on, an alarm event or motion detection via a security motion sensor (not camera).  When I first obtained my ADT Pulse system, I was somewhat disappointed to discover I could not record video of people who came to my door when I was not home.  The solution seemed obvious, create a “trigger” based on a tripped motion sensor by the door.  The problem, ADT Pulse did not offer or support outdoor motion sensors with any of the Pulse packages.  ADT may offer outdoor sensors independently of the ADT Pulse system.  Unless already have an outdoor sensor or request one installed with your ADT Pulse there is NO ADT pulse package that will enable you to record events outside your home, based on motion.

A motion detector is technically a security module.  Triggers and alerts can be created for any motion detector that is part of your security system.  In my case, the security panel is a Concord 4.  The Concord 4 panel integrates with the ADT Pulse IHub to present the end user with an integrated security/home control system.   Any module that is supported and controlled by your security panel is observable and manageable through the ADT Pulse interface (web portal or touchscreen).  While ADT Pulse does not come with an outdoor motion detector module, the Concord 4 panel does support this type of motion sensor.    Any outdoor motion sensor that is part of a Pulse compatible security system should work with ADT Pulse.



The VX-402R is a heavy duty, outdoor motion detector that utilizes a variety of transmitters.  For my solution I used the Caddx NX-650.  Joining a VX-402R to the Concord 4 panel requires the user to join the module via shortcut option on the security keypad or utilizing the installer code.

Once the outdoor motion detector is installed, the user can set up automations based on motion, via the ADT Pulse web portal.  Most security panels support some sort of outdoor motion sensor.  Make sure the sensor you choose is compatible with your security panel.   This may seem obvious to some.  I get about one email a month asking how to set this up.  Hopefully, this blog post will help end users tweak their own system.  Good luck.

Jay-Z Situation Room picture reveals looser security standards at White House

March 7, 2010 2 comments

Jay-Z Situation Room picture reveals looser security standards at White House | The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment.

I had a security clearance so high it would make your nose bleed.

I visited the West Wing four times during the second half of the Bush years.

Each visit I found myself standing outside the Situation Room door at some point during my stay.

I never even thought about asking to go in there.  Why?  I had “no need to know” what the room looked like.  Once, a staffer indicated with a few checks to confirm my status they might be able to get me inside the room on my next visit.  I never returned to take advantage of the offer and would have declined the viewing if the opportunity presented itself.

Pictures inside certain areas of the West Wing are PROHIBITED.  Certainly the situation room is one of those areas.

Chalk this up to the “rock and roll, security is no big deal” attitude of this pathetic excuse of an administration.

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