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HSS101 Netgear Touchscreen

January 27, 2013 6 comments

ADT has released sporadic information on an alternative touchscreen for their ADT Pulse system.  The current base model is the GE IS-TS-0700.  One look at the HSS101 and it looks like a higher quality option.

hss101Trying to get a hold of one of these touch screens seems impossible.  ADT reps I have talked to have no idea about this alternative touchscreen.  Information indicates this model is available only in select areas.  Probably for testing and eventual wide spread release.

The other day I stumbled across an ADT dealer website advertising the option for this touchscreen in their area.  This website gives a cost rundown….gulp.  First off, 599 dollars for a touchscreen is insane.  Secondly, this price is just 100 dollars more than the GE IS-TS-0700 is flat out crazy.  The GE touchscreen does not feel like a 499 item.   I am not sure what the price point is for these items in California.  Two months prior to this post, ADT’s price for a GE IS-TS-0700 in the Midwest area, was $200.00 give or take a few bucks for tax.  With a USAA discount that price was brought down to $180.00.  Still to much for me, I bought a used one on Ebay for 80 bucks.

The HSS101 is impossible to find even through legitimate ADT resources.  Perhaps the recent availability indicated by the two dealers out of California, shows a pending wide spread release.

EDIT: toned down my outrage.  California appears to have a different price model.  I received an email from the second website.  They advise they can’t get the GE TS for what I was quoted in Nebraska.  Not sure why but it may have to do with what ADT charges their vendors.  My price came directly from ADT.

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