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ADT Pulse Upgrades

September 28, 2013 7 comments

ADT Pulse has added the ability to trigger recordings based on a camera’s detection of motion.  This eliminates the need to base recording events off  motion detectors.  At this time, this ability is only available with ADT’s wireless cameras.  Those running the video decoders will not be able to build triggering events based on the camera’s detection of motion.

Weather alerts have also been added.  The user can go into their alert tab and subscribe to the alert along with subscribing to “tips.”


This upgrade has been mentioned in a number of comments in various posts on this blog.  It is nice to see ADT adding features to the pulse.

What am I waiting for?  The media upgrade.  This will allow the user to control music and video in the home.  No idea when this is scheduled for release.  ADT also has YET to release a thermostat that can manage a HVAC system with humidity control.  At this time, if you use any of the ADT thermostats on a HVAC system with this feature, you will loose the ability to control the humidity levels in your house.  There are a few ZWAVE thermostats that have this function.  I have heard you may be able to “trick” ADT Pulse to accept one of these other systems.

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