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National Debt Up $3 Trillion on Obamas Watch

October 19, 2010 2 comments

McDonald’s Says It May Drop Health Plan

October 2, 2010 Leave a comment

McDonald’s Says It May Drop Health Plan –

McDonald’s has offered their part time employees cheap, affordable health care.  Thanks to Obamacare that effort must come to an end.  The issue is Obamacare dictates that a certain percentage of revenue has to go to claims rather than administrative costs.  When this plan is dropped these people will have no choice but expensive comprehensive plans. 

This part of Obamacare is intentional.  It is designed to move people to the government run health care it creates.  The bill is so poorly written it is forcing its mandate in an illogical order.

“But Obama promised we would not loose our coverage and could keep what we have!”    …..and you believed him?????

This is why so many were screaming from the rooftops when this turd of a bill was going through congress.   It was INCREDIBLY obvious the administration was being dishonest about the contents of the bill.  The media happily reported little of this in their effort to give the administration cover.   Not to worry…in the long run your kids will pay the price.   You just have to gut it out for a few decades.

George F. Will – Without a defendable record, Democrats try pounding the table

October 1, 2010 Leave a comment

George F. Will – Without a defendable record, Democrats try pounding the table.

Dems have so alienated the masses that their “pounding the table” comes across as insulting, manipulative and petty.  Like a five year old who feels wronged based on unrealistic expectations, the dems will next try stomping their feet and holding their breath.  Feel free to pass them a plastic bag with tape.

Health reform to worsen doctor shortage: group

September 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Video Shows Taliban Stoning Woman To Death In Pakistan (Warning: Graphic)

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Eve Concord Mission: Christer Fuglesang

September 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Christer Fuglesang is a real life astronaut.  He is also a CONCORD agent in EVE.  He offers a fairly easy mission called “Song of Birds.”  The mission must be completed in a T1 or Faction Frigate.  Typically, it is done by those desiring to bring their security status above 5.0.  It is commonly done in conjunction with another Concord Agent called Jeremy Tacs.

The mission often goes into low security systems as outlined in the below screen shot.  When I did the mission it went to a 0.5 system.

Once you arrive in the mission system and warp to the mission area you will have a jump gate to go through.  Going through the jump gate you see the below.  Make sure you target the “drone energy succubus” as outlined in the mission brief.  The screen shot below is targeting the “drone  structure” which is pointless to the mission objective.

The screen shot below is as bad as it worries. Once you shoot the “succubus” the waves of drones will start.  They come six at a time in about five waves.  The last two waves are bigger drones pictured below.  It is short work, taking maybe ten minutes.

I was expecting to go in low sec and used a Caldari Navy Hookbill with Zach Donnell’s PVP Fitting.  It worked great.  I never got below 92% shields.  I was using the wrong ammo (kinetic) so most drones took two or three volleys.  EM would be better.  T2 ammo was used.  Missiles and Frigate skills are all level five. 

My security status topped out at 5.88.

Thanks to ALCATRAZZ99 for the mission brief screenshot.

Insurers to drop child-only plans

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

As Glenn Reynolds sarcastically asks, “Who could have seen this coming?” Most of us outside of the White House understood that by forcing insurers to take on more risk while pressuring them to keep prices down, we would either see insurers stop offering certain policies or go out of business altogether. ObamaCare advocates kept insisting that we had to help the children by proceeding apace with their government takeover of the industry. The result? Suffer the children:

via Hot Air » Insurers to drop child-only plans

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