About Us

What’s Inzax?  Nothing to most of us. 

Posting random often misguided barely readable stuff….meh..

This blog has gone from political to a grab bag to specific subject matter. For now, home automation makes my boat float.

I have had the ADT Pulse system for about two years. I have loved it at times and been frustrated for brief periods. Most of the frustration comes from the cost and prohibitions set up by ADT. Over the years I have found ways to tweak the system to my liking. I have mitigated the cost by finding my own Zwave and ADT equipment.

Information about the system and the struggles of it’s owners seemed limited on the web. There is no central board or forum for those using the system to share ideas and tweaks. My hope was this blog could provide some of that help.

About twice a month I get an email or comment on the blog from a frustrated tinkering type trying to squeeze the most out of the system. I am all to happy to help. I am not an expert. Everything I have done has been self taught by reading info on the web. If you don’t feel comfortable performing any of the tasks written about on this blog please reach out to ADT for help. They can do most of the things discussed….for a fee of course.

Take care.

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