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Internet Explorer 11 Windows 7 and ADTPulse

Be cautious before you download the latest version of IE 11.  After installing the new browser I have been unable to view clips or watch live video via the web based interface.  I have all appropriate “add ons” enabled via the add on manager in IE 11.  Quicktime and Java add ons are all set correctly.  ADT has no answer.

Adding the ADT Pulse portal to the compatibility mode list does allow for the viewing of video clips however, live viewing still does not work.

Hitting “f12” on IE 11 brings up a console at the bottom of the page.  Going to “emulation” and selecting “document mode 10” appears to resolve the issue with ADT Pulse’s web portal.  The problem is you have to manually do this each time you want to view video.

This problem is not unique to the ADT Pulse web site.  WordPress is not allowing me to post all the cool pics I have of the above issue.  My untrained opinion is this is some sort of issue between Java and IE 11.  I am not able to tag this post since the “tag” option is one of the features not working on WordPress with IE 11.

Going to publish….and look for an old computer to edit with.

More info: it would appear. Explorer 11 is not recognized as Explorer, causing functionality issues. It is more complicated but basically that is what is occurring. WordPress is aware. In talking with ADT they are not aware of any issue.

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  1. November 11, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Link for the wordpress issues associated with IE 11. I am guessing perhaps the same issues is occurring with the ADT Pulse portal.


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