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ZWave Light Switches and Overhead Fans

The ADT Pulse system has the option of installing Zwave light switches.  These switches can be controlled manually, automatically and remotely.  You also have the option of setting them up for automations and schedules.  The switches can be tied to different Zwave and security modules allowing them to “turn on” or “turn off” when these other items are triggered.

As I sat in my living room looking at my ceiling fan for no apparent reason, it occurred to me I could tie the ceiling fans in my house, to a Zwave switch.  The fan could then be controlled by a schedule, turning on at different times of the day, depending on your particular needs.

Automations could be created to turn on the fan when the system is disarmed or set to “stay” indicating our presence in the house.  This could easily be over-ridden by flipping the switch manually.

Fans in bedrooms could be set to “turn on” during bedtime hours and “turn off” in the morning.  Again, this type of automation can be linked to the “armed” status of your system.  If you are not home, with your panel “Armed Away” you may want to skip this type of automation.

I have not set up this configuration myself.  If I find a few zwave light switches on the cheap I might plunge forward. I am curious if the Zwave thermostat could be tied to light switches based on temperature of the HVAC system. I offer this as an idea for others.  Feel free to share if you have found unique ways to use zwave light switches.

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