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Carbon Monoxide Automation Tip

A tip for those of you who have a  as part of your ADT pulse system.

Having a Carbon Monoxide monitor on your ADT Pulse system opens a variety of options.  Using the ADT automation feature available with Pulse, the user can set up events to occur if the device is tripped.  Setting up automations to turn on lights in bedrooms and hallways leading to a door is a good option.  The effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can lead to confusion.  Hopefully, the light coming on and the alarm going off will shake you out of your impaired condition.

If you have door locks, an automation to “unlock” the door is advisable.  This will allow emergency personnel to enter the residence, assuming you have ADT monitoring your carbon monoxide detector.

I have tweaked my system with an appliance module as a garage door opener.  I have set up an automation to open the garage door in the event carbon monoxide is detected.  I go over how to set up a garage door opener on the ADT Pulse system in THIS blog post.  Automations are set up in the “automations” tab on the web portal.  A finished rule will look something like the below:

CO2This rule or automation has the ADT Pulse sytem opening the exterior garage door and turning on a kitchen light in response to an activation of the carbon monoxide monitor.  I have other lights that turn on in this situation but you get the idea.

You might be tempted to set up an automation to turn on bathroom fans and other exhaust type devices to clear the carbon monoxide from your home.  You could cause a back-draft into your house and actually make the problem worse.  Tight houses may experience this as these fans blow exhaust, lowering the pressure in the house, furnace venting could be disrupted.

If you have a z-wave thermostat controlling your natural gas heat, turning off the heat in response to a carbon monoxide alert might be prudent automation to set up.   You should not assume your furnace as the source until verified by a professional.

As always, get the heck out of the house and call the professionals.

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