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Power Cycling the IHub 3000

You may notice your ADT Pulse system misses automations on what appears to be a random interval. In my case the missed automations are ONLY events that trigger a recording. Light schedules and other planned events based on triggers are never missed.

When a missed recording automation occurs, I get a text advising the recording failed. I have learned that power cycling the IHub stops the missed automation for a period of 7-10 days. If I do not power cycle the IHub the missed automations keep occurring at random times. Sometimes daily or every few days.

I was thinking this could be related to my internal network re-assigning IP’s however, the IHub IP has not changed and I have since set up a reservation in the DHCP server for the IHub to prevent such an event.

I doubt ADT will do anything. There is no easy way to make a bug report. If I find a fix I will advise. In the meantime, power cycle your IHub if you are experiencing missed automations.

  1. Jason
    May 4, 2013 at 4:12 am

    Ask ADT to upgrade your current Sercomm Ihub (white) to the new Netgear Version (blue). The new unit is much faster, stable, and easier on the eyes.

    Jason Woringen
    ADT Installer:New Orleans Branch

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