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ADT Pulse Garage Door Opener/Closer

For a long time I have wanted to set up my ADT Pulse system to open and close my garage.   A vacation from work has given me the opportunity to find a method to control my garage.  I also wanted to set up a way for the system to close my garage if it was unintentionally left open.

To set up the system I used a Zwave appliance module and followed the instructions located at the following links:


The link below has a part in it advising how to set up your relay.  Power goes into post 7 and 8 on your relay.  Posts 5 and 3 are hooked up to your garage door opener.


With the device installed I named my appliance module “Garage Door Opener”.   On the garage I installed a GE Design line Garage Door Sensor, model Number TX-8010-1.  You will need to “learn” this sensor into your security system.  I placed this sensor in zone 1, group 11 on the concord panel.

I then created the following rules in the ADT Pulse system.   Garage door open, turn off appliance module (Called Garage Door Opener).  Garage door closed, turn off appliance module called Garage Door Opener.  These two rules force the appliance module to turn off after being activated.  This prevents the module from staying on and possibly burning out your door opener or relay.  It also sets up the garage door for the next open or close request.  See below:

I tried to create a rule that would shut the garage door by, when left open past a certain time.  I wanted to have a ‘fall back” in the event the garage door was left open overnight.  I set up a rule to power on the appliance module named “Garage Door Opener” if the garage door was open past 10pm.  Despite the garage door being open and the rule time passing, the garage door appliance module is not triggered.  I tried to remove the rule for turning off the appliance module “when open” thinking this created a conflict in the system.  Deleting this potential conflicting rule did not make a difference.

Unfortunately having a “trigger” to power on the module with the intent of closing a garage door unintentionally left open,  will also open the door when it is closed.   For example, setting up a rule to “power on the garage door module” when the panel is armed to “stay” mode, will also open the garage door if it is closed.

I was hopeful the GE garage door sensor would “update” its status of open to the panel.  I thought that this update would trigger the rule to power on the module, thereby closing the garage door.  This is not the case.  Perhaps I am missing an obscure setting in the Concord4 panel.  Maybe the sensor needs to be in a different security group?  I will continue to research.  Ideally I would like for the system to close the garage door when it is left open past a certain time.  Feel free to throw in your two cents.

EDIT: Once the garage door sensor is added you CAN see it via your Pulse portal. Since it is just an open or closed type sensor you can’t do much with it other than create automations based on its status. In short, the open/close sensor works perfectly with the pulse system.

  1. Ryan
    January 16, 2013 at 12:56 am

    So were you eventually able to make your setup work as you’d hoped? The edit makes it sound like the sensor was working correctly, so were you able to set up the trigger to close the door if the sensor showed that it was open? I’m hoping to do exactly the same thing. By the way, thanks for sharing all of this information. There’s surprisingly little info to be found on tweaking the Pulse system.

    • January 16, 2013 at 8:55 am

      As i have it set up, it will not let me do as i want. I tried a few configurations but the best i could get done is for the system to send me a text if the door is open past a certain time. I was ok with this and stopped tinkering.

    • January 16, 2013 at 12:36 pm

      Ok, I am at a computer now and better able to type. My previous response was via smart phone. I could not get a trigger to work reliably as I wanted. I played around in the rules for a bit but nothing I did would “Close” an “Open” garage if it were left open past a particular time. I think there might be a rule combo that would work. I moved on a bit and will circle back and see if I can figure out something. I played around with having the module controlling the garage to turn “on” when the system is “armed stay or away.” The problem as I mentioned was turning on that module would open the door if it was already closed.

      I did try moving the garage door sensor to a “interior door” zone. In that zone the sensor shows “open” for a few minutes then even if the door is open it cycles to “closed.” In that setup I could create a rule to “activate the garage door module” when the garage door shows “closed.” Problem, when I close the door on my own it would trigger the rule and the door would pop back open.

      I will have to play around with the rules more. Perhaps moving my garage door sensor to a different zone or tweaking the panel in some way will get me to where I want to go.

      I will say that having the module set up in its current state has been useful. I have used it to let friends in on several occasions when I am not home. I also have a number of “automations” set up for if a fire or carbon monoxide alarm goes off. In that situation the door will open allowing for easy access by emergency personnel.

      Let me know if you set it up and come up with a rule scenario that works for autoshutting the garage after a specific time. I will do the same. I hear ADT is toying with the idea of “scenes” which might help.

  2. September 23, 2015 at 7:17 am

    Inax, can you please advise on how to learn the garage door sensor into the ADT Pulse system…

    • February 23, 2016 at 5:27 pm

      You need the installer code for ADT pulse. It is considered a security device.

  1. January 30, 2013 at 6:15 pm

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