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Would Washington Let America Tumble?

It seems quite wrong to watch a country forged by such selfless greatness as this, tumble so swiftly into an abysmal mediocrity born of an “idiotic cerebral meritocracy,” and a tawdry old electoral bait-and-switch.

It is even worse to contemplate that the tumble was assisted through the willful surrender of a so-called “free press” (to an unknown entity it preferred to dress-up, rather than examine) and by a citizenry so complacent it was content to be lied to, because it is easier to absorb a soundbite than to read a primary-source document.

The Declaration of Independence is getting a hardy workout this 4th of July. Even Drudge is linking to it, via the LA Times Blog.

Given the deplorable lack of civic education offered by our public schools, many Americans may well be reading the document for the first time, with more than a few of them viewing the grievances of the Colonists against England with raised eyebrows, and weighing them–particularly those concerns about taxation, bureaucracy, illegal immigration, law enforcement–against our present circumstances.

It is unimaginable that George Washington, or any of the Founders, would be amenable to a Department of Justice that saw no need to prosecute a clear case of voter intimidation. That was not what Washington was willing to die for; quite the opposite.

via Hot Air » Would Washington Let America Tumble?.

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