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G20 Demontrators…a Profile In Courage…not.

After more innocent people got the privilege of their private property vandalized by peace loving liberal extremist the police decided to practice a day of “hands off” the demonstrators.  Knowing some of these fine officers this order had to come from above.  

The video below is a great technique.  Its the faint charge.  HOWEVER, don’t get caught calling its bluff, you will be run over.  NOW, if we could only get some classic “Crossbow” video.  The technique eats protesters for lunch.  Police tactics for dealing with demonstrators committed to destroying personal property have elevated to the level where there is really no contest.  Police will win every time.  The limiting factor is how far command is willing to go with suppression of the demonstrators.

Enjoy the brave demonstrators as they run scared, crap their pants, then shout profanities at the police.

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