The Shakedown.

Following the rule of law would produce relief for the oil spill’s victims. It just wouldn’t put Obama’s appointee in sole charge of a $20 billion fund. That has a meaning beyond the “Chicago” implication of pure extortion, fund-skimming, and payola. It means Obama couldn’t use the money to cushion the near-term consequences of his own policies. He’d be constrained by that pesky rule of law, if he weren’t holding the discretionary purse strings for the damages payouts.

via Theoptimisticconservative’s Blog.

Heh…even Nazi’s got a trial.  No civil process for BP.

The downside of the civil process?  Lawyer’s get paid.  Its slow.  That’s the system we live with.

The downside of the Chicago way?  No check, no balance, no rule of law, no guidelines, nothing….just wait until you are in the crosshairs… won’t feel so “just” then.

The cap on liability for big oil is ridiculously low.  However, with no cap big oil would be blasted forcing up their price point on the product they produce.  We ALL benefited from the price cap.  Who knows how much a gallon of gas would be without it. 

Yes, the regulation forced the deep water drilling which set the stage for this disaster.  Thats another debate BUT let it be said that it does not excuse BP from their liability in this disastor….unfortunately for them, civil process is suspended for now.

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