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Do we need a White House literacy program?

Hot Air » Do we need a White House literacy program?.

The Obama white house sends a letter to the leaders of G20.  Enjoy.  Hopefully, the leaders of the G20 realize this type of incompetence is representative of Obama’s administration and not the United States as a whole.

For our part, we will pursue measures to SUppOit the recovery in private demand and return the unemployed to work. …

At the same time, we recognize the impoltance of setting a credible medium-term fiscal path: that is why my Administration will cut the budget deficit we inherited in halfby FY 2013 and work to reduce our fiscal deficit to 3 percent ofGDP by FY 2015, which will stabilize the
debt-to-GDP ratio at an acceptable level in that year.

And this….

* more effective ji’Qlllework for winding down large global firms, along with principles for thefillallcial sector to make afair and substantial contribution towards payingfor allY burdens it creates in a way that protects taxpayers, creates a level playing field, and reduces risks to our economies.

Some more…

I look fOlward to seeing you in Toronto and reaffhming our unity of purpose and resolve.

Problems with an optical scanner?  Just bad spelling?  Who cares, its still inexcusable for any administration.  It is not the first time this administration has produced such trash.

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