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Flotillas and the Wars of Public Opinion | STRATFOR

Flotillas and the Wars of Public Opinion | STRATFOR.

Here is a solid summary of the Gaza Flotilla events, a summary you won’t get from the moronic NY Times or WaPo (who still remain clueless).

Turkey is trying to establish itself as a regional hegemon and her number one rival is Iran.  Since the EU won’t accept Turkey, the country then needs to look Eastward, which is predominantly Islamic.  So enamor itself with the Muslim world, Turkey must become anti-Israel and pro Palestinian.  Thus, the forced provocation on Israel.

And why not?  Israel cannot win in anything it tries.  Liberals and Arabs have teamed up to hate Israel even though they don’t have a case to stand on.  The land is Israeli land, they have ties that go back thousands of years, and there is no such ethnicity as a Palestinian..it is made up.  There has never been a concept called “right of return” and, if there were, then Turkey needs to cede over 100% of its territory to Greece.

Furthermore, it’s not like our piece of crap president is a supporter of Israel.  He’s done everything in his power to alienate Israel as well, so what do the Turks have to lose? 

For liberals and those who obtain their news from the NY Times and WaPo, be advised that Israel is not in the wrong here, the Turks are.  They had no business getting involved, no business ignoring Israeli control zones, and quite frankly I wouldn’t have boarded at all, I would have destroyed the entire Flotilla.  It’s no different than what Russia did to Georgia (but liberals could care less what other countries outside the U.S. and Israel do).

The Turks might consider escorting another Flotilla with warships.  They invite war and I hope the Israelis do what they must to protect THEIR land and destroy those vessels as well. 

I STAND WITH ISRAEL…just to make the point very clear.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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