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Desperation Spurs MiG-29 Sales

Procurement: Desperation Spurs MiG-29 Sales.

Hilarious commentary from Strategypage about the MiG-29, a rather poor substitute for the F-16. Other than the 1950s, MiGs have not been a rather good aircraft.  Sloppily designed and crafted, they don’t age well and are very poor duplicates of their American-inspired cousins.  For the West, the problem has always been the SU family of fighters, not the MiG (which seems to get all the airplay).

Terrific takeaway on this article about Syrian and MiGs.  The last sentence rocks: 

Syria has not been able to afford to let its pilots spend much time in the air, which reduces wear and tear on the MiG-29s and makes them last longer. Thus the Syrian MiG-29s can expect to provide target practice for more experienced Israeli pilots, flying advanced models of the F-16.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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