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At Least Seven States Contemplate Anti-Immigrant Legislation

Last week, Wonk Room reported on the involvement of the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) — the legal arm of a designated nativist-extremist hate group — in drafting Arizona’s controversial immigration law. IRLI lawyer Michael Hethmon boasted about being “approached by lawmakers from four other states who have asked for advice on how they can do the same thing.” In the aftermath of the passage of Arizona’s law, many states and localities across the country are in fact in the middle of or about to embark on copy cat pieces of legislation:

via Think Progress » REPORT: Following Passage Of Arizona Law, At Least Seven States Contemplate Anti-Immigrant Legislation.

Guess who made the list?  That’s right, Nebraska.

Contrary to the hype out there the Arizona law only allows police officers to ask for proof of citizenship after they have contacted the individual for another offense.  Once contact has been established the police officer has to establish reasonable suspicion the person is illegal. 

What is probable cause?  If a LE Officer sees you cross the street without using the crosswalk he has probable cause to detain you for a citation or warning. 

Reasonable suspicion could be established if the same individual in the scenario above was contacted for the jay walking violation, in a border town, carrying a sleeping bag, soaking wet from swimming across the river, with no established residence in the town he is in.  Probably a clue as to his status but certainly enough to establish reasonable suspicion.

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