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Welcome to the Constitutional Crisis

Welcome to the Constitutional Crisis.

We do indeed have a Constitutional Crisis on our hands…in fact, we’ve had one since Wilson, FDR, and LBJ went unconstitutionally postal on we the people and helped implement federal laws that, as the Constitution makes clear in Article I, Section 8, were beyond the scope of governmental power.  Of the $6 trillion our government now spends (an almost $5 trillion budget with another trillion or so in deficit spending) only a small portion, perhaps $1.5 trillion, is actually Constitutional.  Expenditures on the military, post office, and matters of state are indeed constitutional however retirement, health care (in any form), TARPs, bailouts, pork, and most federal legislation is unconstitutional.

Our federal government should not be involved in most of the activities it engages in.  What we want from our government is to protect us from foreign enemies, secure our property rights, and protect contracts and that is flippin’ all it should be doing.  This is what our founding fathers envisioned.

Now the State is on a fast track to tyranny.  The absolutely evil left in this country, as represented by the Democrat Party, just passed legislation that forces Americans to purchase a service.  This is demonstrably unconstitutional by any measure and on so many levels.   The socialist Obamacare has been immediately challenged and, if the left leaning Supreme Court rules in favor of the legislation, then indeed the Constitutional Crisis is upon us with severity.

While the Supreme Court may believe it is supreme in authority, our founding fathers beg to differ.  They did not articulate such a reality in the Constitution and stated explicitly that ultimate power resides with the people.  A great takeaway from below are actions taken by both Jefferson and Madison (the AUTHOR of the Constitution):

 “In 1798, Jefferson and Madison authored the Virginian and Kentucky Resolutions in response to the Alien and Sedition acts. The resolution argued that unconstitutional federal bills that became federal law were null and void and of no effect. According to Jefferson and Madison, states were to be the ultimate arbiter on which laws were constitutional and which were not. By nullifying unconstitutional laws state governments need not ask permission of federal courts to govern their sovereign states.”

Only liberals have the unmitigated gall to believe they know more about the Constitution than those who penned that document.  And it is liberalism and only liberalism that has put us on this road to crisis. 

Here’s to supporting any and all States that reject this tyranny… we are looking to the States now to make it clear that this will not stand.  I hope my beloved state, Florida, will help raise that banner.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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