Who Lost Iraq?

Center For Security Policy.

President Soetoro and his bizarre foreign policy decisions are making a mess of Iraq.  Of the very few campaign promises BHO made that he intends to keep, backstabbing Iraq and handing it over to either al Qaeda or Iran is still a promise he won’t abandon.  Not unlike what we did to our ally Vietnam in the 1970s, Soetoro wants to ensure our allies are helpless by seeing to it they cannot depend on us for much.  Israel, the UK, Iraq and (as a sequel), Afghanistan are all in that mix.

The Democrats used rhetoric that created an image picturing  George W. Bush and America as hated all over the world.  Funny, but with the way we treat our allies, I doubt we’ll have any friend left when Soetoro’s first and only term ends.

Fil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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