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Moslems Fighting Moslems Becomes Respectable

Murphy’s Law: Moslems Fighting Moslems Becomes Respectable.

This is an interesting article where Bahrain is making it clear they have sent troops to fight Jihadist Muslims in Afghanistan.  I think this marries well with my point in a previous post, that Islamic states will still act in their own interest, allying with infidels.  Radical Islam is indeed a threat to the current governments throughout the Middle East.  In addition, tiny Bahrain is literally unable to defend itself against larger neighbors with big eyes (such as Iran or Saudi).  In this context, we have a mutually beneficial relationship.  We are able to base a massive fleet in The Gulf while we provide sovereign protection to Bahrain. 

Does that make us friends?  In terms of international relations, yes.  Is this a permanent relationship?  Rarely anything in IR is permanent.  Bahrain rarely votes with us in the U.N., is an Arab state, and thus has no love affair with Israel.  Still, the tiny nation and its emirs value their sovereignty far more than Islamic doctrine or the pronounced anti-Israel lobby.

Compelling and interesting.

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