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Ideas and Politics: How to “Re-Invigorate” the GOP

Ideas and Politics: How to “Re-Invigorate” the GOP by Sylvia Bokor — Capitalism Magazine.

The Democrat Party stands for collectivism.  It doesn’t matter by what name one calls it:  liberalism, communism, fascism, socialism, anarchism, nazism, Marxism, Leninist, it all means the same thing:  group ownership and an end to individual liberties.  It has always meant this and these “isms” are all the same, they only differ in intensity.

For far too long, the Republican Party has accepted the ideas of many collective concepts and have failed to argue against government attacks on our freedoms.  Unions are just such an attack (wresting decisions on private property from their owners).  So too are many labor laws which violate a host of the Bill of Rights.  For example laws that dictate who we can or cannot hire/fire are clear violations of the elements of the 1st amendment:  freedom of assembly (which means the right to affiliate with whomever we so choose).  Entire agencies now exist which are not mentioned in the Constitution, interfere in our ability to freely commerce with one another, and are accepted by the Republican Party:  Social Security, Commerce, Education, Energy, Food and Drug, The Fed, and on and on and on and on.  There are so many agencies policing the free people of the United States (far more than Nazi Germany had at the height of its power), and there are so many laws on the books that government can literally find any reason now to arrest and prosecute almost all of us for some reason or another. 
We need a return to limited government.  We need to roll back the massive intervention into our lives government now represents.  As a frequent visitor to countries that have rulers (such as the UAE), I find often that I have far more freedoms there in many ways than I do in the U.S.  This is insane and needs to change.  Government should be protecting property rights, enforcing the nature of contracts, and protecting us from true criminals and foreign aggression AND THAT’S IT. 
It was individualism and capitalism that steered us to becoming the richest most successful nation in the history of man.  It is collectivism that will bring about our ruin.
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