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Afghanistan: The Good Old Days Are Really Gone

Afghanistan: The Good Old Days Are Really Gone.

…Never very popular to begin with, the Taliban have been unable to demonize the American and NATO troops as “hostile foreigners.” The Americans have been around for nearly a decade, and are generally considered as odd, but friendly, guys you don’t want to get in a fight with. Most Afghans appreciate American help in driving the Taliban from power in 2001…
The above is a good and accurate analysis and something you’ll never read in the NY Times, WaPo, or hear about on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC.
Given that we are now taking a rather light footprint approach with our ROEs, it means that we sill still win, so as we stick with it for another 10-15 years.  Hastening the pace would require a more kinetic environment.
Whether or not our strategic and/or tactical plans are the best, the bottom line is, so long as we are here, we disrupt the Taliban.  They have to fight, kill little girls, hold out in caves, and engage in the drug trade just to survive.  Our FOBs and bases are right out in the open and with the rare exception of a few probes, the Taliban are helpless to do anything about that reality…they cannot mass, they cannot engage us mano-e-mano, and have only at their disposal the various IED tactics- -a tactic that has no chance of dealing any kind of significant blow to either ANA or ISAF forces.  Since Spring offensives have now become a thing of the past, I’d say that we’re doing a pretty good job over here…


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