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While US disarms, Russia and China build up their military

American Thinker Blog: While US disarms, Russia and China build up their military.

Well, the time is nigh.  Typical liberal concepts of national interest and national defense equate to the U.S. disarming while our rivals not only do no disarm, but increase defense expenditures.  This is exactly what liberals tried to do during the Reagan administration:  “Disarm!”  Yes, so long as it is the West that disarms first. 

Deterrence is lost with this kind of thinking and without deterrence, we open ourselves up to not only the kind of attacks we get from illiterate peasants, but to devastating attacks only Great Powers can perpetrate.
We’ve gutted next generation ground, naval, and air forces so that we could fight small, counter-insurgency wars.  While the small wars are indeed important, they do not trump those wars that threaten our very survival.  Given that we’ve spent literally $6 TRILLION this  year alone, adding a few billion to the defense budget to ensure our national survival and dominance of air, sea, and space, does not seem to be that significant an expenditure.  Plus, it’s GOVERNMENT SPENDING to begin with.
We desperately need a pro-defense president in the White House and sooner rather than later… can we impeach an entire political party?


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