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The Process of Passing Health Care – Megan McArdle

The Process of Passing Health Care – Megan McArdle.

This highlights the audacity of the Obamacare bill. 

Right now I pay approximately 300 dollars a month for health care.  This figure represents my portion.  The employer pays the rest.  With a predicted 192-90 percent increase (what is that $270-600?) it will have a huge impact on my ability to inject money into the economy.

Most families simply will not be able to absorb this kind of increases expense. 

So what to do?  Drop your health insurance?  Why not.  Part of the reason the bill is so expensive (and screwed up) is that it requires health insurance companies to pick up people with pre-existing conditions.  With this in mind, you can sign up for your insurance at any time after you have become sick and drop it when you recover.  Hmmmm….I am sure it can’t be that easy to screw the system.  Look for people to try and find a way out of this.  Like I said, most will be unable to bear the burden of the increased expense.

For our purposes, we are already looking for ways to game the system.  We know most of our members will be crushed by the increase in premiums.  Thankfully, we are exempt from the Cadillac tax.  Most reading this our not.  Look for an additional couple of hundred dollars a month on top of your increased premiums.

Fear mongering?  No.  All of this is in the bill. 

Good luck America…see you on the other side.

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