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Ben Nelson; An Excercise In Deception

I just got done listening to Ben Nelson on KFAB, a local radio station. 

My God.

Rarely does one get to hear a senator twist himself into a pretzel to avoid answering questions or to justify a vote he knows most Nebraskan’s do not support. 

He talked about the CBO numbers that show the health care bill will not increase the deficit.  One problem,  these numbers are based on ten years of collecting taxes and only six years of expenditures.  They did that on purpose to make the numbers appear deficit neutral.  He knows it, yet he just told all the KFAB listeners that the bill would not increase the deficit.  A lie?  You decide.

He talked about how the bill would not increase the taxes of his fellow Nebraskans.  Well, the bill does tax everything from toothbrushes to tampons.  It will increase insurance premiums.  Some programs (mine) will get charged a “Cadillac” fee.  Fine, don’t call it a tax  call it a gift, it is still money out of my pocket.  Tell you what senator, you can pay my increase in fees.  How do I know my premiums will go up?  I helped run an insurance program.  I still talk to the people responsible for determining our rates.  They tell me the rates will go up.  Our re-insurance rates will increase.  Our plan will be taxed as a “Cadillac.”  I believe them, they are already working on the numbers.

Mr. Nelson claimed he looks at his call logs and gets feedback on what people are concerned about when they call his office.  When asked what the ration of calls was for and against the bill   He told the KFAB listeners he did not know.  WHAT?  I know based on insider information, the calls are overwhelmingly AGAINST him voting for the plan.  He can’t say that though.  It would not allow him to vote for the bill.  A lie?  You decide.

Get ready people.  If you make over 58K a year you are about to get screwed.  Your insurance will be anywhere from 12k to 20k.  Plans you already have will be taxed.  Your premiums will increase.  Life will be harder. 

Don’t bother calling the Senators office.  If a call ration of 90 people against to One person for doesn’t get the message across, nothing will.

Ben Nelson Omaha Office (402) 391-3411
Ben Nelson Lincoln Office  (402) 441-4600

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