It’s bad enough that our president is wobbly, indecisive, and apparently not that committed to the war in Afghanistan. It is also tragic that our overall strategy and approach may not be sound, plays into the enemy’s hands, or that we may not have the requisite force structure to kick this pig. While the Taliban does not have the ability to defeat our forces once engaged, it is certainly horrific when we allow illiterate Taliban forces to gain advantages on the ground due to our own inability to analyze their tactics. We saw this when we handed Musa Qala over to the Taliban back in 2007, and now we apparently ignored a Taliban initiative to gain the upper hand in Kandahar, per analysts at the Institute for the Study of War. 
This is unacceptable. Our troops are situated where our leaders tell them to go, but it seems as if our leaders may not even understand provincial centers-of-gravity, or what locations/cities are more strategic. Kandahar has been the historical capital of the Taliban, yet we’ve apparently ignored its importance both to our forces, and to the enemy. 
We need people like Lobo or Al West to run the management of this theatre because I think our current leaders may not know what they are doing…perhaps all that pseudoscience, psycho-babble, management theories they had to waste time studying at the war colleges meant that the study of Sun Tzu or Clauswitz was relegated to the back-burner.  I know my military education included years of Maslow and not one paragraph from either man’s “On War” treatise (I had to read them on my own).
Below is a quick summary of the attached report that illustrates how ISAF’s negligent strategies allowed the Taliban to gain the advantage in Kandahar…
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