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The Jihadist Strategic Dilemma | STRATFOR

The Jihadist Strategic Dilemma | STRATFOR.

Below STRATFOR provides another excellent analysis of the overall strategies for the US and the Jihadist in this war against Radical Islam.  You’ll see that the strategy conceived by George W. Bush was “spot on” and during his presidency, he thwarted the Jihadist’s strategies and goals.  As STRATFOR states:

“…The jihadist attack on the United States has failed. The presence of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has reshaped the behavior of regional governments. Fear of instability generated by the war has generated counteractions by regional governments. Contrary to what the jihadists expected or hoped for, there was no mass uprising and therefore no counter to anti-jihadist actions by regimes seeking to placate the United States…”

 Now we have BHO who appears to be giving up on the “spoiling action” of Bush’s strategy by indicating a withdrawal from Afghanistan.  Furthermore, any lull in the action, any ceasefire is also a respite for the Jihadists (and it also happens to define centuries of basic Islamic strategy, if one cannot win, then sue for peace and fight later).  Furthermore, a withdrawal strengthens Iran.

 As we in the security realm know full well after witnessing the presidencies of Clinton and Barry Soetoro, Democrats are indeed “challenged” when it comes to our nation’s defense and national interest.  It is not in our national interest to abandon Afghanistan.  While the nation building strategy should be addressed, leaving that nation for the Jihadists and thus embracing the fall of US friendly governments in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and increased threats to India are not the solution.

 Phil “Filvis” Rechnitzer

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