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Crowder Goes to GITMO

Good points as usual….delivered with humor.

This is a great analysis of what we’re talking about with the KSM in NY trial nonsense.  STRATFOR explains international law, POWs, and criminal courts very succinctly.  BHO is making yet another negligent, clueless mistake…KSM could walk because of the realities of the civilian criminal system.  He’ll try to blame Bush, but here is a prime example of why Bush was right and BHO and his liberal idiots are wrong:  al Qaeda does not fall under the constraints of Geneva nor a criminal justice system.  They are outside the law and hence, a military tribunal and military imprisonment was absolutely the best course of action given zero international/national direction.

Once again, Bush was spot on correct, while liberals are, as usual, demonstrably wrong.  If KSM walks, BHO will lose NY, even though he’ll try to blame Bush…  let it be known that KSM was confined while Bush was president…


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