Hasan’s Personal Jihad

Hasan’s Personal Jihad – HUMAN EVENTS.

Clare Lopez, a terrific lady, has written a good one here about our Jihadist Maj Hasan.  I agree with Clare more often then not, she’s an awesome analyst.  She has made it clear over the years that we did ourselves no favors by allowing Sharia Law language into the constitutions of both Afghanistan and Iraq.  I would agree.  If indeed we were to correctly nation build, we needed to instill secular language into both.  Another interesting firebrand from Afghanistan agrees, Malalai Joya.  You might recall this Joya as she was banned from Parliament because of her caustic attacks on the corruption and warlords sitting in government.  She too felt that a more secular rule book should be in place in Afghanistan.

We have to fight the ideology, and we must treat as “Nazi sympathizers” those who think/believe just as Hasan.  This is war, not some mamsy-pamsy feel good exercise in diversity.  The correct term would be “sedition” and we must ensure our security agencies (FBI, CIA, Homeland) weed these thinkers out and treat them as enemies…this is not a freedom of speech thing as 13 families at Fort Hood now completely understand.


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