Obama and Trade

Obama and Trade – WSJ.com.

We are doing everything a country is not supposed to be doing during a recession:

– Starting trade wars
– Printing money; inflating the money supply
– Record deficit spending
– Passing increased regulations (including minimum wage, Lilly-Ledbetter, and a host of others)
– Raising taxes
Where on earth do democrats think wealth comes from?  Government? 
One are we are missing the boat on is free trade.  We are killing our own manufacturing and exports by refusing to pass free trade.  If this were a liberal point, then why is Europe (certainly no Mecca for the free market) passing free trade agreements?  Why is Canada and Japan for that matter?  And it isn’t just them, the rest of the world is busy tearing down trade barriers, while we work overnight to continue to erect them.
We’ve missed out on access to markets of countries that are growing such as South Korea, Colombia, the UAE, etc. etc…
Democrats don’t have a clue, not one iota of how wealth is created, period.


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