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Iraq Lesson Still Unlearned: We Won

Investors.com – Iraq Lesson Still Unlearned: We Won.

Fact is, Iraq is no longer a threat to its neighbors, no longer a threat to us, no longer supports terrorism, no longer develops WMDs, no longer attacks Americans, no longer pays bounties to those who do, and is a bona-fide ally, if we were to choose to have her as such…which Democrats do not.  Democrats are not interested in foster friendships, they have only one default foreign policy schematic:  appease our enemies, undermine our friends, gut our defenses.
History will indeed reflect on the great experiment in Iraq, one in which we proved that, if need be, we can indeed nation build..just as we’ve done before (Japan, Korea, Philippines, etc…). 
On another note, the fight that our negligent president said WAS worth the effort has been abandoned.  BHO has made it clear that McChrystal’s request (you know, the commander on the ground) is dead on arrival. 
On final point:  Biden has rarely been correct on any element/aspect of foreign policy…RARELY…and I mean only ONCE was he right…and that was to invade Iraq (but he later ceded that vote by undermining the war he voted for).


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