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Economic Justice and Economic Growth

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This article is very good making the case that the U.S.’ amazing growth and GDP are a direct result of its embrace of capitalism and the free market.  Chapman illustrates that what hampers our potential is government intervention and he correctly brings up Jimmy Carter’s dreadful presidency and economic policies.  He makes it clear that Obama “doesn’t get it”, which most of us understand all too well. 
Where would the great economies of our age be without the innovation and entrepreneurialship of the U.S. to begin with?  Where would we be with respect to computers, the internet, cell phones, and other ideas conceptualized and marketed by the U.S.?   Our success using the free market and capitalism helped create the highest standard of living in the history of man, yet Obama wants to destroy that (and can do so quite easily with a complacent press, a liberal congress, and an American people daft to what is happening).
Pretty good job with this article.


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