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A Very Interesting Next Three Years

Secretary of What?

I’ve been following Hillary’s disastrous Pakistan trip: she seems nearly incoherent — sermonizing to the Pakistanis to do this or that, bragging that we Americans tax anything that moves and so should Pakistan, always blaming George Bush for all her challenges. (Her “Bush did it” spin is different from Obama’s: he blames Bush for leaving him hard decisions instead of vote-present easy ones; she does too, but adds that “her husband” had once upon a time done it right — nothing about the damage from Monica, the pardons, and the serial appeasement of the embassy bombings, the first World Trade Center attack, the USS Cole, etc. — but Bush then undermined their legacy.)

If Hillary were Sarah

What if you took everything Yale Law School Hillary has said abroad the last week and put it into the mouth of Idaho BA Sarah Palin?

The press would have gone ballistic about her ignorance of the Middle East, her sermonizing, her scapegoating, her factual errors, etc. (What is it about Palin that drives the elite, especially elite women, crazy? Great looks? That Middle-America accent? The 5 kids and he-man husband? The lack of a powerful father or spouse who could jump-start her “feminist” career with money, contacts, and influence? That Idaho BA? The wink? The charisma and, indeed, sensuality so lacking in her angry critics?)

via Works and Days » A Very Interesting Next Three Years.

Hillary was brought into the Obama administration for one purpose, to keep her close and under control.  Hillary has to know this and I believe will look for an exit.  She has been put in a box.  However, if she keeps up the blunders she may dig her own political grave.  She really is ALMOST as clueless as Obama.

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