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Jammed Rifles And Other Obsessions

Weapons: Jammed Rifles And Other Obsessions.

Okay, will start to become more consistent with my 2-per-days.  Today’s offerings will be military-related as there has been a ton of reporting about the war, equipment, and doctrine recently.  The press, as usual, misreports as was seen over the Taliban attack on the US base recently.  The article below explains why the reporting about “overheating” of M-4s and SAWs was nonsense.
What the press did get right however was the constant jamming problems the M-16/M-4s have…this has been a chronic problem with this weapon systems since it was introduced in the 1960s.  In an inexplicable decision to continue on with this mechanically unsound weapon system, the Pentagon decided that saving dollars was more important than the lives of its soldiers.  There are much better designed assault rifles out there and the US Army knows it.  They even tested each and found the M-4 to be the worst performing of the series tested, yet they continued to field the M-4.  The reason was basically because “it was good enough.”  That’s easy for top leaders to say, sitting in huge bases, FOBs, and at the Pentagon, but not so well received by the troops that actually have to DO the fighting and have to battle with clearing weapons jams in their 5.56mm pea shooters and later spending hours cleaning them.  The XM8, SCAR, and other models, even the Aussie Steyrs are better performing than what our ground elements are forced to use.
In an era where we are spending $1.4 trillion in deficit in one year alone (outspending Bush’s 8 years) and enough to fund 3 US militaries, the idea that we need to be fiscally conservative with our ground forces’ primary assault weapon is ludicrous and criminally negligent.
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