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Eight U.S. troops killed in Afghan battle

Eight U.S. troops killed in Afghan battle – Yahoo! News.

Meanwhile Obama ponders his commanders request for more troops. 

There was a reason the previous administration did not pour resources and troops into this area.   The commanders viewed this battle as a spec ops fight.  From the beginning of the Afghanistan conflict it was understood that a ground occupation strategy would only provide more targets/casualties. 

The terrain and enemy composition dictated the strategy.  Nobody had any illusions about rainbows and bubblegum in Afghanistan.  The job was to kill the enemy FIRST.  Worry about establishing a stable government SECOND.  These two objectives ran parallel but primary objective was obvious, kill Taliban.

Then something happened.  Obama, in an effort to appear decisive and NOT LIKE BUSH, mandated more troops.  He found commanders willing to buy off on the strategy.   Non-believers were replaced.  Could it work? Perhaps, but it demanded a focused long term effort with up front presidential support.   As the terrain of the battle changed and goals shifted, the president needed to be willing to adjust quickly to the needs of those on the ground.

Obama says he needs several weeks to “consider” his commanders request for more troops.  I disagree with the strategy, but if you go that direction you have to commit and make sure the man on the ground has everything he needs. 

Politics combined with tactical warfare is a deadly mix.

  1. October 4, 2009 at 7:28 pm

    UPDATE: It is up to 10 Troops killed.

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