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Afghans Protest New Rules of Engagement

Winning: Afghans Protest New Rules of Engagement.

Looks like our new ROEs were based on unsubstantiated assumptions.  It appears that while avoiding civilian deaths at the expense of our troops, Afghan civilians’ security is sacrificed, hence, they are not all that enamored with the new rules.  The basic point of counter-insurgency is to provide security, earning hearts and minds comes AFTER that.
In addition, the root causes that led to our geniuses having to change the rules was not addressed:  our pathetic information operations (IO) campaign.  We’ve had to expose our troops to greater risk, give up killing Taliban, and allow less security because our leaders were/still are incapable of engaging in successful IO…even when the Afghans know full well what the Taliban are doing.  In effect, because we kow-tow to an anti-military, anti-American, and pro-Taliban press, we have made decisions that hurt the effort, undermine the war, and have alienated Afghans anyways- -the sole purpose behind the new rules.
Great job.  I wonder what our military leaders will dream up next?  Making killing the enemy akin to a capital crime perhaps?  Oh wait!  That’s  already been done…
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