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Condition Critical: What Doctors Think About Health Reform

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Investors.com – Condition Critical.

Recently Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) conducted a comprehensive poll (via survey sent out to Doctors in the profession) and then accomplish an 8-part series of articles analyzing the poll’s results.
All 8 articles are provided below for your reading pleasure.
Bottom line, Filvis’ concerns about doctor supplies in a socialist environment is absolutely correct.  We already have a doctor shortage in our nation, and that’s thanks in large part to government intervention.  A socialist take over of our health care system will result in severe shortages unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  In fact, that’s the true measure of socialism, its inability to provide the services it promises.  The BLUF (bottom line up front) issue socialism is unable to answer is this primary element of economics:
– Resources are finite.  In an environment of infinite demand, how does socialism solve the supply problem?
Answer:  it doesn’t.  Ignoring the laws of supply and demand doesn’t mean they go away.  The supply problem then is answered via the following results:  waiting lines, rationing, and yes Sarah Palin was right, “death panels” (i.e., a panel of bureaucrats will determine who will and who will not have care, and what pharmaceuticals can or can not be used, and who will or will not have priority, etc…).
It is why Cuba cannot provide toilet paper to its subjects, and it is why Venezuela, a coffee rich country, has to import its coffee.
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