The Russian Game

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Obama has recently given away the store with our missile program.  Sending our allies packing while making a huge concession to Putin.  Whats in it for us?  As previously stated here, nothing.  In fact Obama thinks he might be securing cooperation on Iran long term and short term.  This cooperation could be a nail in our coffin, if not the final death blow to our economy.

Putin is not fool.  He is a cagey KGB operator and probably about fifteen steps ahead of Obama.  Our president probably feels he has made a first step toward longer lasting relations with the Russians.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Russia could care less about us.  They are in the process of trying to revitalize their military and one way to do this is with increasing the price of oil.  Russia has vast oil reserves.

One possibility has Russia putting pressure on Iran to stop or halt their nuclear program.  Iran, is a country Russia could care less about.  There position on supporting the Iranian nuclear program was a faint and designed to put them on the other side of the fence from us.  They knew from the beginning this was a bargaining chip position they would willingly give up for something they really cared about….like…the missile shield for instance.  Bush did not bite.  Obama did.  In the end, Russia gives up on Iran a country they were never really interested in, and gets what they want in the end.  We get nothing…oh sure..Russia no longer supports Iran’s nuclear program.  A program they have brought far enough to assemble whatever they need to produce a bomb.

Another possibility looms on the horizon.  Israel’s Netanyahu recently visited with Russia.  He was off the grid and speculation is he was looking for a green light from the Russian’s to hit Iran.  Russia pledges support on the condition the US drops the missile shield.  Obama, not really wanting to support the missile shield in the first place, sees an opportunity to scale back the program.  The scenario plays right into the Russian’s hands.

If Israel hits Iran look for 300 dollar a barrel oil.  The US economy collapses while Russia funds its economy with our last dollars.  Putin knows this and with the scenario above, could be paving the way to make it happen….with our help.  With the price of oil so high our economy will collapse.  The US will secure its place as a third world nation.

Crazy?  Do you really think Putin has not played out this scenario?  Putin will do whatever it takes to win and make us crumble.  He is not our friend.  He could care less about our prosperity and in fact, plots our demise with every decision he makes.

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