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Municipalized Trash: It’s Uncivilized

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Municipalized Trash: It’s Uncivilized – Jeffrey A. Tucker – Mises Institute.

An interesting article that attacks our acceptance of the “way things are” and strikes at the heart of why government management of services is inefficient and unacceptable. 
We accept blindly the fact that our counties and cities use a decades-old business model for managing our trash disposal yet never once consider for a moment that the private sector might just be able to offer a better method. 
Services like the Post Office are closed on Sundays and holidays, yet the private sector is busy working, especially UPS and FedEx, who deliver our packages every single day.  The same is true of the trash collection services our government pays for (with wage earner’s money).  Once per week, no more or no less, regardless of how much trash we have…and they can go on strike, demanding more pay from wage earners, and leave the city to rot in waste.
Could the private sector do better?  I’ll bet just like the article below asserts, that there are ways we cannot fathom that could be implemented if we let the private sector “give it a go.” 
Government has no incentive to improve, no profit-based reward system for it to innovate…it’s primary mode is to increase inefficiency in fact, so as to rob more money from the taxpayer to fund the correction to the inefficiency.
Imagine this applied to health care.  Would we even have MRIs if there was no innovator that said “I think this could work better”…
The private sector is the way to go an all matters that are not legitimate functions of government.
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