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Economic Freedom of the World

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Economic Freedom of the World.

CATO and a host of other think tanks have produced this year’s Economic Freedom of the World report and the results are surprising.  Surprising that the U.S. is in the Top 10 still (but fell to #6).  I would have thought that with a Socialist as President and a Socialist legislature who have:  taken close to $1.5 trillion from the private sector, increased government regulations, engaged in trade protectionism, is opposed to free trade, has supported cap-and-trade, and has made it clear that tax increases are coming, that we’d be close to 100 instead of under 10.
Either we’re not as bad as I thought (impossible) or the rest of the world is REALLY, REALLY bad.
GDP and wealth is created not by government, but by individuals (specifically investors, entrepreneurs, risk-takers, and wage earners).  More wealth is created the more government unties the hands of such wealth creators.  Gates was able to accomplish his Microsoft system that transformed the world because government hadn’t regulated his industry…yet.  Still, the Socialist Bill Clinton spent untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money to go after Microsoft (a pursuit that was dropped, but not after Microsoft spent millions defending itself).
Right here is an interesting interactive map of the world with the rankings:  Interactive Map of Economic Freedom:  http://www.cato.org/pubs/efw/map/index.php
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