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Joe Wilson Vindicated.

September 12, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

WH on health care, illegal immigrants – First Read – msnbc.com.

Joe Wilson forced this by calling out the president.  The WH includes it in its Friday press dump of shame.  Something that has become a regular event with this WH.  The earlier post here discusses the TRUTH at the time Obama made his statement.  Illegals WOULD be covered and required to get health insurance under the house proposal.  Joe Wilson calls the president on it.

The WH and Dems are now calling for provisions to insure illegals WILL not receive insurance.

Wilson was out of line but notice the trend.  The Obama speech was FULL of lies.  Only when he is called to the carpet in a public and very confrontational way does he fold.  One Republican Senator held up a binder containing the Republican proposals for health insurance.  This was done at the moment the president indicated in his speech that the Republicans have made no counter proposals.  Hogwash! and a LIE!

Note ACORN.  The organization is slated to potentially receive 30 billion dollars of your tax money.  Since the organization has been attacked in a very public way, the census bureau now separates ties with ACORN and its plans to have them help in the CENSUS. 

Open political warfare is what works people.  Engage.

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