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Glenn Beck rubs Obama’s face in Van Jones’s Trutherism

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: The totally obligatory “Glenn Beck rubs Obama’s face in Van Jones’s Trutherism” clip.

Its Beck.  Crazy like a fox.  Watch the clip.

Bottom line.  Van Jones believes the Bush administration purposely killed thousands of innocent Americans.  That’s what a 911 truther is.  Jones signed the petition. 

Given that Jones believes his government intentionally killed thousands of Americans, how can he promote “green jobs” as a priority.  Should he not be leading a grand inquest to find those responsible?

Hot Air breaks it down nicely.

Beck has done a great job at exposing this Czar for what he is, a communist.  We should not be surprised that Obama has surrounded himself with people like this.  He has praised Sol Lewinsky as an inspiration.  He attended reverend Wright’s church for many years.  Calls Bill Ayers a friend….or did until it became a political liability. All of these people had a huge influence on Obama.  Reading between the lines, during the election, you knew it was going to go this way.

Elections have consequences.  It’s almost cliché to say it these days.

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