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Naval Postgraduate School – Strategic Insights

Naval Postgraduate School – Strategic Insights, Volume VIII, Issue 3 (August 2009).

Okay, okay, not easy reading  here.  This is some heavy military doctrinal research stuff, but for those interested in this, or those in the decision making realm, this is a terrific read. The 6 recommendations are as follows: 

  1. Focus on amplifying cases of ex-jihadists who have renounced armed action
  2. Fabricate stories about Jihadist mistakes and exaggerate mistakes when possible
  3. Prompt mainstream Muslim clerics to issue fatwas that incriminate the Jihadist movement and its actions
  4. Strengthen and back Islamic movements far removed from Jihad, particularly those with a democratic approach
  5. Aggressively neutralize or discredit the guiding thinkers of the Jihadist movement
  6. Spin minor disagreements among leaders of Jihadist organizations as being major doctrinal or methodological disputes
This is great stuff, and absolutely effective, if properly leveraged and applied.  Sadly, this entails mastery of the one are where we are woefully inept:  Information Operations (IO).  This is no secret, I’ve harped on this often, and yet here we are again, given the keys needed to secure victory and we do not have the organizational skill sets to implement such a strategy.
Good read, great advice, unable to execute.
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