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People’s Army not standing still

People’s Army not standing still – Washington Times.

China has been an amazing success story ever since it began to embrace capitalism.  Its remarkable growth is something international business analysts in their MBA programs will be studying for years I imagine (since I’m studying it for my MBA). 
Still, China’s meteoric rise also brings challenges, especially to the United States.  If we take national interest into correct context, and view things from the Chinese perspective, it has only 1 threat to its existence, and 1 area geographically that is at risk:  Those are the United States and its coastal region.  Hence, China has been preoccupied with increasing its military capabilities to mitigate the threat posed by the United States and defend its coast/power project to the seas in its environs.
A Great Power doesn’t need to match another Great Power asset-for-asset, it needs only develop systems that can mitigate or destroy those centers of gravity that are a threat to itself.  Toward that end, American space, air, and seapower, close to China are the overall targets.  China does not concern itself with our Army or Marines (it would be suicidal to launch a ground campaign in China). 
Hence, China is developing anti-satellite, anti-ship, and flooding resources into its Navy and Air Force.
In response, we had Rumseld who thoroughly understood the threat, which is why he supported the employment of over 300 F-22s.  The F-22 is the Air Force’s deterrent to this kind of Chinese ambition.  Sadly, we lost Rumsfeld and gained a CIA expert whose knowledge of strategic military doctrine is indeed limited.  Gates knows full well how to fight an insurgency- -big deal.  But he’s clueless in deterring Great Powers.  We absolutely must control the seas and skis to deter Great Power adventurism.  For the skies, that is the F-22 and no other aircraft, including the F-35.
To Gates and BHO, the F-22 is a Cold War relic and a luxury.  In their opinion, any and all future wars will be fought against air force-less, illiterate peasants and not an entity such as China.
Too bad history doesn’t agree with these geniuses.
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