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Afghan army and police forces must grow much larger

Afghan army and police forces must grow much larger | Washington Examiner.

Attached are some pictures.  Romal on his way to the Polling Station, Romal going through the checkpoint, and the Polling Station itself.  More tomorrow.
Below is a thoughtful article by the great Dr Kimberly Kagan, who heads the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).  She correctly points out something we who are over here (and have been here, right Lobo?) know full well:  we need more capability (troops, but also helo support, CAS, etc).  It is projected that Gen McChrystal will ask for more troops, and it has been suspected that both Gates and BHO are not interested in hearing that.
A Senate team of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman, and Susan Collins stopped by Camp Leatherneck, the Marine camp co-located with the ANA camp, the other day for a briefing from the Marines.  I can only suspect they were told the same thing, we need more.
Lobo, in case you hadn’t heard, the Taliban were able to kill the CS Kandak XO one day prior to the election (IED while driving).  Overall, we got far more than they killed, the elections were not stopped, but voter turnout in the South appears to be low.  Polling stations were protected, which was our primary concern.  Hopefully there will be a clear winner, if not, we’ll have to go through this hell again in October.
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