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Spy Agency Fiasco

Spy Agency Fiasco – The Daily Beast.

Leon Panetta/Incompetent hack.

I for one was willing to give him some slack.  There was some concern that he never was exposed to or dealt with counterintelligence.   Never had the experience of running a sensitive covert operation.  Never held a position within the CIA.  I could go on but I think you get the point.

Panetta rang the bell and did his best chicken little impression, claiming he discovered an assassination program targeted at Al-Qaeda leadership….thats apparently a bad thing.  It is also NOT illegal as Panetta claimed.  Of course he figured this out AFTER he alerted congress and got everybody spun up.  You see, thats when a guy like Panetta actually looks into the facts behind his allegation.

The source of this story is left leaning which makes it somewhat remarkable.  Usually, state run media is more than happy to bury Obama’s gaffes.  Appointing Panetta is surely a gaffe.

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