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Economics of Oblivion

Economics of Oblivion – George Koether – Mises Institute.

Looks like research makes clear that Keynes was a Socialist/Marxist, as if we didn’t already know that.  It is telling that socialists believe capitalism doesn’t work, does not distribute equally, and so goods and services should be centrally planned.  But when did Socialism ever equally distribute anything?  Food lines for bread meant that someone else already received bread.  We already know that socialist Cuba cannot even supply toilet paper to its people, meaning they ran out, meaning someone else in Cuba got toilet paper, while others did not.
I love to tell this to ya Socialists, but your system doesn’t work now, didn’t work before, and doesn’t hold a candle to capitalism, even on a sunny day.  No other system in the world distributes goods and services to the most people, more efficiently, and at the lowest price, than capitalism.  America doesn’t run out of toilet paper.  Nor does it run out of food.  It doesn’t run out of really anything, if there is a demand for it.
And consumption?  America over-consumes?  So?  America also out-produces most, if not all, other countries in the world.  So why cannot the producer consume as well?  Socialists I supposed would prefer America produce for the world and leave it at that.
Mixed economies don’t work, socialism doesn’t work, Keynes doesn’t work, Galbraith doesn’t work, liberalism doesn’t work, central planning doesn’t work.  When the government owns the means of production, production decreases exponentially.
Time to return to laissez faire, get the flippin’ government out of the free commerce between free people.
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