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How End-Users Suffer Under Socialism

 How End-Users Suffer Under Socialism.

The left, who feel Socialism is the “Be all, end all” of governance for mankind, would prefer we live under a socialist system.  Apart from its purely evil essence, is also its purely evil results, misery for all except the ruling class.  Cuba and N. Korea are prime examples of government owning the means of production and thus instilling misery upon its subjects.
While the below article makes the point that Cuba cannot even provide toilet paper to its subjects, and that Venezuela can no longer produce coffee, examples abound throughout the decades of more failures.   Communist Russia, a land bursting with land perfect for agriculture, could not feed its people.  Wheat would rot in the fields of their communist system because they were unable to transport it to their subjects.  Supply-chain distribution could not be effectively, centrally planned.  N. Korea is also incapable of feeding its people, even though its land is abundant with rice paddies and arable land to grow the cabbage Koerans love to make Kim Chi out of.
Time after time, incidence after incidence, socialism fails, fail, fails, and yet liberals of our country love it and want it imposed upon us all.  If I were King, I’d like to move all liberals to one state, say Illinois, and let them be subjected to their own system, while the rest of us enjoyed the fruits of hard work, private enterprise, and capitalism. 
We’ll see who runs out of toilet paper first!
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