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Moral Outrage at Camp Ashraf

Moral Outrage at Camp Ashraf – HUMAN EVENTS.

Clare Lopez has been “all over” what’s been going on at Camp Ashraf in Iraq and the implications are not pretty.  The MeK, an exile group of Iranians living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, are a entity that gives the Iranian government fits and were leveraged by Saddam to do just that.  Under President Bush, our forces were protecting these people and certainly helped give the Iranians pause at some level.

With BHO’s insistence that we roll out of Iraq regardless of the consequences, the Iraqis have decided to make an example of the MeK at Ashraf.  It cannot be highlighted enough that Iraqi head-of-state Maliki is indeed a Shitte and thus ideologically has much in common with Iranian culture.  Given that Iraqi armed forces, while good, could not defeat Iran, this means the Iranians are now the hegemon for the region (thank you Mr President).  As a result, the assault on Camp Ashraf might be an appeasing move by Maliki to placate the Iranians. 

This is disturbing.  If all this is true, it means the we’ve lost Iraq for all intents and purposes.  This was the overall fear of the Iraq invasion and, so long as we were garrisoned in Iraq in force, this was prevented.  The withdrawal means that Iraq has to make decisions based on its national interest, and survival is a big interest.  Hence, the only threat to Iraq throughout the region is Iran.  Without much of an air force, very little naval capability, and a tank-less army, Iraq stands no ch ance in a fight against Iran.  And with a back-stabbing ally like president Obama to “rely on”, well Iraq needs to do what it needs to do.

Sadly, that means genocide for the Mek.  It might mean other sickening trends as well.

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